Adventure Recap: The Grand Canyon South Rim

It’s hard to believe that a little over a month has gone by since my family and gf visited the Grand Canyon. Our trip was filled with places to see over the eight-day trip and it all started with my number one location on my photo hit-list – the Grand Canyon.

We only had two nights and two days to spend at the Canyon, so we had to make the most of it.

While in Grand Canyon Village, we stayed at Bright Angel Lodge. The accommodations were nice – right on the edge of the canyon. After taking a few steps out the door we were right on the South Rim. Bright Angel Lodge’s rooms were just what you needed – bed, fan, bathroom and showers down the hall. When visiting the Grand Canyon there’s no reason to spend an extended amount of time in your room – there’s 227 miles to explore!

When we first arrived it was just before sunset. Before grabbing dinner, my dad and I stayed out for sunset to see how the canyon would change colors as the sun went down. Here’s a few shots from the first night’s sunset.

After sunset we went to eat at the Bright Angel Restaurant. Options were limited at the time and we were starving. Unfortunately the dishes we were served didn’t live up to the expectations we had hoped, but hey, that’s why we had a large bag of trail mix and other snacks back at the room.

The first night, I couldn’t help but to take advantage of the limited light pollution and capture a few nighttime shots. If I wasn’t exhausted from traveling since 5 am, I could have stayed out all night. Take a look at this compilation of two night sessions and you can see why.

The next day was spent doing more exploring. During the morning we went down Bright Angel Trail – I’ll detail our venture down the trail in my next post. The afternoon was spent on the Rim Trail next to Hermit Road taking advantage of several of the overlooks. Below are a few pictures from those overlooks.

In just over two days, we were able to see just a small fraction of the vast canyon. Words and pictures don’t come close to explaining the natural beauty of the Grand Canyon. From the minute we arrived, I couldn’t keep my eyes out of it. It was love at first sight.

Thinking of visiting for yourself? Here’s a few tips:

  •  Bring water. Lots of it.
    • You’ll experience more of that desert heat when going into the canyon and the water station and the mile and a half house ran dry by noon.
  • Wear good sneakers
    • Flip flops are great for the beach, but not great for hiking around the canyon. There’s plenty of loose dirt and rocks which can make it easy to slip around.
  • Walk Around
    • I was able to cut out most of the tourists visiting the park, but as you can imagine, it was loaded with people. Walk around and get away from the Grand Canyon Village. Even at the overlooks – follow the trail and get away from the tourist hot spots. You’ll find tons of overlooks all offering gorgeous views.

Needless to say, we can’t wait for round two where we will hopefully make our way down to the bottom and camp at the Colorado River.

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