Adventure Recap: Bright Angel Trail

With one full day in the Canyon, it was important to us to try and see as much as we could. The day started bright and early for me with a 5 AM Grand Canyon sunrise. You can see a few of these shots below.

I can’t begin to explain how awesome it was to wake up, roll out of bed and within 20 steps be right on the rim watching the sunrise. A huge perk of staying at Bright Angel Lodge.

Once the rest of the crew woke up and had breakfast, we hit the trail. We started on Bright Angel Trail at 8:40, and technically got a late start. When you’re on the trail, there’s a few spots of shade to hide and catch your breath, but not many. The Arizona desert sun is no joke. Bring plenty of water and snacks.

Throughout our hike down we frequently stopped for pictures, to take in the sights and catch a quick breath. We decided to only go down to the Mile and a Half House, which is, as you guess it, 1.5 miles down the trail. You could take Bright Angel Trail all the way to the Colorado River, but be warned. That’s an 8 mile hike with nearly a 4,000 foot decent into the Canyon. This hike could easily take someone 10 hours to complete.

This next set of pics were all taken on the way down to the Mile and a Half House.

Once we got to the Mile and a Half House, my parents got in line to refill our water bottles. Thank goodness they did this, because that water was gone by the time we made it back up. We also learned that when we made it back to the top, the Mile and a Half House was all out of water. If you’re going to be on Bright Angel Trail for a while (past noon), plan ahead and bring plenty of water. While they were in line, I ventured onto a small platform plateau and captured a few more. Check them out!

Yes. Even the squirrels stop and take in the views at the Grand Canyon.

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