Adventure Recap: Desert View Dr.

When we left the Grand Canyon Village we planned to backtrack the same way we came in, but the driver (me) made a wrong turn somewhere and we ended up on Desert View Drive. Let me just say, this is one mistake I’m happy we made.

Desert View Dr. is home to some of the most breathtaking overlooks on the south side of the Grand Canyon. The first overlook we stopped at was Grandview Point – with that kind of name, how could you not stop? We also stopped at Lipan Point, Navajo Point and Desert View Watchtower.

Desert View Watchtower is the last overlook and pit stop you can make on your way out of the Canyon. We spent a few hours here (which was surprising), because we didn’t think we would stop that long at any of the overlooks.

Desert View Watchtower also known as the Indian Watchtower at Desert View, is a 70-foot-high stone building and is located about 20 miles east of the Grand Canyon Village.The watchtower was the last of the series of Mary Colter-designed visitor concession structures at the Grand Canyon until her renovation of the Bright Angel Lodge in 1935. The tower was designed to resemble an Ancient Pueblo Peoples watchtower, but its size dwarfs any known Pueblan-built tower.

If you go into the Tower and climb the stairs to the top, you’ll get some nice views into the Canyon. The top was a bit crowded, and when taking pictures through the windows there’s a good chance you’ll get someone’s reflection in the shot. Try to move as close to the glass as you can with your camera and don’t use a flash.

In the second picture, you can see a little area packed with a bunch of people. In front of that area is a trail that goes for about 200 yards deeper into the Canyon, and the views when you reach it’s end, are spectacular.

The trail wasn’t too crowded, but it does get narrow at spots. Always be mindful of your footing and be sure you have good hiking shoes on. Sneakers don’t always get the best grip and trying to walk down with flip flops is a sure way of ending up in trouble. When you get to the end, make sure you have a good pose ready to go!


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