One World Observatory

For my birthday I treated myself to a view of the world… one world. Well, the One World Observatory.

When compared to the other rooftop landmarks in NYC, OWO is fairly priced. For $34 you’re taken to the top of the tallest building in the Western Hemisphere. Be sure to reserve your tickets before hand.

From the moment you step into the elevator, you’re taken for a ride. I didn’t capture any pictures inside the elevator, but the “show” that’s displayed is captivating. It truly shows how far we’ve come.

Anyway… once you get to the top, you’re shown a highlight reel of New York City footage for a few minutes. Then the giant LED screens lift to unveil a view of Manhattan and Brooklyn like I’ve never seen. For a second, I wasn’t sure it was real.

I spent a solid 90 minutes walking in circles trying to capture as much as I could.

A couple of things to make note of while you’re up there:

If you’re there during peek hours, expect crowds to linger near the prime viewing points. No joke, I waited nearly 10 minutes to get to the window with a straight view uptown towards the Empire State Building.

While I got the window, I took the below shot which is actually, 16 captures stitched together to make one massive view of midtown Manhattan.

WTC 5.16-16 social

I can’t wait to get that shot printed.

Additional shots below:

Needless to say, look forward to my next trip to the top.


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