Our Costa Rican Honeymoon

Last month and a day, I got married! And those of you who are married know what the best thing about getting married is – the honeymoon!

My wife and I went down to Costa Rica as it was on her travel list for some time and after doing some research, I could see why. Talk about a hidden gem. I never thought of going there prior to her bringing it up, but after seeing the types of adventures you can go on, and the scenery, we easily decided to spend our honeymoon there.

We stayed at the Occidental Papagayo, an adults-only, all inclusive resort which did not disappoint. The food was fantastic. Every night at the buffet there was a new theme – Mexican, Caribbean, Peruvian, and much more. There are also two reservation based, dinner restaurants – The Italian and The Oriental. We ate one night at The Oriental which included a four course meal. Also amazing!

The staff at the Occidental was so polite and caring. Our only issue was the first two days where the power in our room kept going out because someone knocked over a power line with their car. Not the Occidental’s fault by any means.

The staff did an excellent job of providing entertainment for guests. One day the hosted a pool-side BBQ and fiesta with live music and dancers:

One night we even went on a sunset hike led by a member of the entertainment team. Here are a few shots from that sunset:

The grounds were very well kept, spacious and hilly! If you’re go to the Occidental and plan on walking around, make sure to pack a good pair of sneakers. The only thing missing at this resort is a slip-n-slide from the main entrance down to the pool.

One of our favorite ways to start and end the day was at the beach. The sand, made of ash and sand, might have been the softest beach I’ve ever walked on. We were in a bit of a bay so there weren’t many waves on the beach, but the water was clean and felt amazing.

Most nights we would head down to the beach and almost every night a few travelers would pass through:

I didn’t get many shots of the grounds, but you can get a general lay of the land from the website and Trip Advisor. My wife and I hope to head back to Costa Rica in the future and if we do, we know where we’ll be staying.

That said, I’ll leave you with a my favorite sunset picture taken on the Occidental beach.

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