Adventure Recap: Volcano & Hot Springs Tour

As I mentioned in my last post, Costa Rica is filled with all different types of adventures and excursions. Everything from ATV tours to rainforest hikes.

While on our honeymoon we mainly wanted to relax, but also pick up a few tours to see more of the country than just our resort.

We found Mardigi Tours mainly through Google, but confirmed they were our tour group after reading all the reviews on the company.

As we were setting up our tours, I had mentioned that my wife and I were in Costa Rica for our honeymoon. When Mark, our tour guide, arrived at our resort, he picked us up in a Nissan SUV and it was just the three of us. He said that because we were on our honeymoon Mardigi wanted to give us a more intimate tour.

I could go on for a whole other post about how awesome Mark was. All throughout the tour Mark taught us so much about the country, people, history and culture. He was a professional in every aspect and you could see the passion he has for his career. Throughout the day, he would constantly impress us with his knowledge of the land and wildlife and quickly showed us how beautiful Costa Rica is.

Once we got into the rainforest region, Mark started pointing out all the wildlife that was roadside which included monkeys, toucans and a sloth!

Our first stop on the tour was forest reserve near Arenal Volcano. Once we got out of the car it immediately started raining and didn’t stop until we left the area. What do you expect when in a rainforest?

To try and wait off the rain, we spent nearly an hour watching wild birds pop in and out to eat bananas we were placing our for them. You can see below the different types of birds that came through:

Once we realized the rain wasn’t going to stop, and the birds were full of banana, we decided to head into the forest.

We’re lucky we had Mark with us, because if we didn’t, we probably would have seen no wildlife and just gotten wet.

For instance, we’re walking and then suddenly Mark stops to pull down a leaf that was higher above our heads. We’re thinking, “What is he doing,” when suddenly he opens the leaf and then there is this little guy.

As we continued to walk through the reserve, Mark would teach us about the vegetation that grows in the area and point out more animals and insects along the way:

Once our hike was over, we headed to the hot springs for lunch and mineral bath relaxation. The springs that we went to was a resort close to the base of Arenal Volcano – which is an active volcano. Mark put it perfectly, it’s like an always-burning cigar.

We spent about 90 mins relaxing in the hot spring before we headed home. You can see in our eyes how relaxed (and tired) we were in the springs.

We can’t stress enough how awesome this tour and Mark were. We would HIGHLY recommend reaching out to Mardigi if you’re planning a trip to Costa Rica.

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