This past weekend my wife and I went away with friends to the Ascutney area of Vermont to become one with nature… well, at least walk through it.

The trip started with a visit to Quechee Gorge – the deepest gorge in Vermont. There’s a great overlook from the Route 4 bridge:


From the bridge there’s a trail down to the area you can see people standing in the second photo. So naturally, we went. The hike down and up was fairly easy. Straight shot on a clear, wide path. Once we got down there we quickly found a good backdrop…

Quechee Gorge Bridge

…and then had an impromptu shoot.

We spent more time around the area and walked to the pond a mile through the trail, and the coolest part of the hike there and back were the tree bark.


Once we left the gorge we headed to Mount Ascutney, for an “easy” 1 mile hike to possible see a Cascade Falls. Saying possibly only because the area hasn’t received a lot of rain and was in need of it. So, no rain – no waterfall. If you’re thinking about going to the falls, look it up. When it’s flowing, it looks awesome.

At the top of the falls is a great view looking southwest. So I went and stuck a leaf in front of it so you have to go.

Cascade Falls

After our hike down, and defending ourselves from an acorn attack, we made our way to our final stop – the Cornish-Windsor Covered Bridge. The covered bridge spans the Connecticut River between Cornish, NH and Windsor, VT. It was pretty cool around sunset…

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