Thor Says “Hi”

It’s always been on my shoot list to capture a few nice lightning pictures. Every time I’ve set up and tried to capture them, the show usually ends before I’m set, or my camera is not in the right position. Not this time.

Looking out on my balcony to the south, I could see this massive cloud building as the sun was setting and thought it could turn interesting. I kept my eye on it for the next 10 minutes and sure enough, bolts started to fly.

I ran to get my tripod and set up before it was too late. Knowing the storm was moving towards the east, I had what I thought was a short window to shoot between two trees. I was pleasantly surprised as that short window ended up being a 45 minute window as the storm stalled.

Below are my first-ever lightning pictures:

What was the most shocking to me about this storm and these shots is that it was 40 miles away in Neptune!


Looking forward to the next storm to roll by.


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